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NEW: PEM Electrolysis Stacks
now available!
The HIAT develops and produces PEM Electrolyzer
up to 100 bar differential pressure. More Details
Where can I get high-performance CCMs for
Electrolysis and fuel cell applications?
The HIAT develops and produces application-oriented
CCM's/ MEA's based on different membranes. More Details
How can you increase the performance
of fuel cells?
The HIAT uses thin tissue - reinforced membranes for
the production of CCMs. More Details
How does the commercialization of the
fuel cell technology succeed?
HIAT conducts research on cost-effective coating methods for fuel cells-
catalysts. More Details
Where and when does it make sense
to use a fuel cell?
The HIAT prepares feasibility studies for technical and business
economic implementation of hydrogen technologies. More Details
Is the PEM electrolysis also without precious metal-
catalysts possible?
The HIAT develops efficient platinum-free catalysts. More Details
How can research results be transferred into concrete applications?
The HIAT has various products within the framework of projects
for hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Mor Details


HIAT is a competent partner in the field of hydrogen, fuel cell technology and distributed energy storage technology. In cooperation with partners from industry, the institute answers directly to the needs of the market in the energy sector. Taking into account economic considerations, HIAT supports companies in the implementation and realization of technology-based projects (idea → feasibility study -> project). The modern equipment of the HIAT enables the staff to carry out measurements for consistent and reproducible characterization of core components. Furthermore, the institute is a service provider in the field of electrocatalysis. HIAT manufactures customized catalysts and electrode compositions, which are evaluated reliably by specially developed measuring methods.
HIAT Products & Services (PDF,3.5MB)

Contract research


Technical reports/ Expertises/ Feasibility studies

HIAT is a valuable, highly flexible R&D partner not
only in joint research projects, but also in direct contract research.
More details
HIAT can perform feasibility studies, draft technical reports and compose expertises on topics related to fuel cells, electrolysis, wind/solar hydrogen and more.
More details

Project management


Testing & Measuring services

HIAT provides assistance for SMEs in developing research, development and demonstration
More details
HIAT has several chemical, electrochemical and physical methods at its disposal for the benchmarking of fuel cell and electrolysis internal components.
More details

Contract research

HIAT is a reliable, flexible partner not only for joint research projects, but also for contract research. HIAT offers highly qualified and specialized staff as well as state-of-the-art technical equipment for research and development in all areas of PEM fuel cell technology (PEFC and DMFC), as well as PEM water electrolysis. A selection of possible research topics:

• Proof of concept für Komponenten, Stacks und Systeme
• Design and optimization of fuel cell and electrolyzer components
• Catalyst research and benchmarking
• Membrane research and benchmarking

Technical Reports / Expertise / Feasibility Studies

The HIAT prepares feasibility studies, technical reports and expertises on topics related to fuel cells, electrolysis, fuel cells „Range-extender“, Hydrogen production using renewable energy sources (e.g., wind, solar), energy storage, energy use and energy efficiency.

Network / project management

The HIAT supports SMEs in the development of research, development and demonstration projects, from the definition of project proposals, to the appropriate funding programs, to project management. For example, the HIAT manages this Hyport@Müritz-Netzwerk, sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Within this network, SMEs are represented with the aim of implementing demonstration projects in the field of hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cell applications (for example, fuel cell based Auxiliary power units for yachts, houseboats and passenger ships, as well as hydrogen tanks).

Test- & measuring services

The HIAT has a wide range of chemical, electrochemical and physical methods for the benchmarking of fuel cell and electrolysis components (membranes, gas diffusion media, CCMs, MEAS, GDEs, bipolar plates, catalysts). The HIAT is also equipped with several test benches for the benchmarking of stacks (PEFC, DMFC, HT-PEFC, PEM electrolysis).
The test and measurement services offered by HIAT include, among others:

• Physical characterization (BET, CO adsorption, TGA)
• Single cell measurements of fuel cell components and electrolysis-
  Components in quickCONNECT test cells
• Testing and characterizing fuel cell stack
• Performance and degradation tests of fuel cells in hydrogen-
  or reformat operation
• impedance spectroscopy
• Cyclic voltammetry
• Implementation of customer-specific wishes
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