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NEW: PEM Electrolysis Stacks
now available!
The HIAT develops and produces PEM Electrolyzer
up to 100 bar differential pressure. More Details
Where can I get high-performance CCMs for
Electrolysis and fuel cell applications?
The HIAT develops and produces application-oriented
CCM's/ MEA's based on different membranes. More Details
How can you increase the performance
of fuel cells?
The HIAT uses thin tissue - reinforced membranes for
the production of CCMs. More Details
How does the commercialization of the
fuel cell technology succeed?
HIAT conducts research on cost-effective coating methods for fuel cells-
catalysts. More Details
Where and when does it make sense
to use a fuel cell?
The HIAT prepares feasibility studies for technical and business
economic implementation of hydrogen technologies. More Details
Is the PEM electrolysis also without precious metal-
catalysts possible?
The HIAT develops efficient platinum-free catalysts. More Details
How can research results be transferred into concrete applications?
The HIAT has various products within the framework of projects
for hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Mor Details

Technical Equipment

By continuous advanced training in analysis and production techniques, as well as tactical new investments the HIAT is assuring its leading position within the fuel cell research. Our modern measuring and laboratory techniques allows professional developing and characterizing of fuel cell components and systems.
Special technical equipment/ process engineering
screenprint technology for production of electrode layers
labcoater mathis (roll to roll coating)
drying cabinet and vacuum oven
hot press technology
equipment for paste preparation
equipment for production of catalysts
sealing technology (dispensing)
vacuum rotation vaporizer
automatic film pull device
• membrane casting tables
planetary ball mill

Fuel cell test stations for different power ranges (DMFC and PEMFC)
• FuelCon - PEFC and DMFC - single cell/ short stack analysis
• Magnum – DMFC/ DEFC - single cell
• various custom made test stations for DMFC & PEFC, with high-quality Bronkhorst components and control software (Labview)
• electronic loads of various power classes for characterisation of stacks and systems with single cell monitoring
• various quickCONNECT test cells for characterisation of fuel cell components (MEAs), additionally equipped with reference electrodes
• screwable test cells (e.g. ElectroChem)

Electrolysis cell test stations
test cell quickCONNECT in combination with high power potentiostat and related software environment
• screwable test cell for characterisation of MEA under pressure/differential pressure

Electrochemical characterisation
impedance spectroscopy EIS
conductivity measuring
cyclic voltammetry (CV)
potentio-/ galvanostates

Characterisation/ Analysis of catalysts
physisorption measurements (BET)
• chemisorption measurements (CO chemisorption)
• thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
• possibility for energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX)

Gas and liquid analytics
NDIR for determination of CO and CO2
• FTIR for determination o Chx
• refractometer for determination of methanol
partical charge detector
• possibility for REM- and TEM-analysis


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