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NEW: PEM Electrolysis Stacks
now available!
The HIAT develops and produces PEM Electrolyzer
up to 100 bar differential pressure. More Details
Where can I get high-performance CCMs for
Electrolysis and fuel cell applications?
The HIAT develops and produces application-oriented
CCM's/ MEA's based on different membranes. More Details
How can you increase the performance
of fuel cells?
The HIAT uses thin tissue - reinforced membranes for
the production of CCMs. More Details
How does the commercialization of the
fuel cell technology succeed?
HIAT conducts research on cost-effective coating methods for fuel cells-
catalysts. More Details
Where and when does it make sense
to use a fuel cell?
The HIAT prepares feasibility studies for technical and business
economic implementation of hydrogen technologies. More Details
Is the PEM electrolysis also without precious metal-
catalysts possible?
The HIAT develops efficient platinum-free catalysts. More Details
How can research results be transferred into concrete applications?
The HIAT has various products within the framework of projects
for hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Mor Details


We are always looking for dedicated, skilled and creative workforce in the areas of electrical engineering, chemistry and engineering. Interest (and experience with) fuel cell technology, independent, flexible working and teamwork make for us the basis for successful cooperation.

Within our diverse fields of work you can expect a challenging research environment with interesting tasks that need to be solved with technical expertise and innovation. This requires that you maintain a high degree of personal commitment, independent thinking and a high quality of work.

Current positions:

Student internship
Study of Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering
working around the hydrogen technologies
Bachelor-/ Master-Thesis "PEM Electrolysis/ PEM Fuel Cells"
Study of Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering
system development, CAD engineering etc.
Bachelor-/ Master-Thesis "Energy Storage"
Study of Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering
programming (LabView), interface man-machine, system development etc.
We look forward to your application!

Hagenower Str. 73
19061 Schwerin
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